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Arcoma Timur established in 1988 and has been building our international business network for more than 30 years.
Dealing with major brand with a wide range of consumer goods in order to efficiently and effectively satisfy all our customers’ demands.

Product sourcing

It is vital that all our goods are fresh and 100% genuine. For this reason we in Arcoma timur maintain partnership with brand principal and purchase our products directly from the head offices of the major brands or manufacturer.

We'll research the best manufacturers or products for you, depending on your own unique needs or brand requirements. Whether it is consistency, reliability or price that you are after.

Our business consists in planning our orders together with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of giving them a complete and consistent cooperation. Throughout the years, Arcoma timur has gained global exposure and has become specialized in trading goods by using our worldwide hub.


Transparency is our core value at Arcoma timur and we believe that profitability for both parties are essential to maintain a fruitful and long-term business relationship.

Once the preferred supplier or product has been chosen, we will negotiate the best possible pricing on your behalf.

At Arcoma timur we want to be sure our customers don’t have to worry about anything. We will offer you competitive prices and Our focus is to source branded goods at competitive prices for our customers, to satisfy their demand.

We can also provide labeling service to meet specific international requirements and produce labels to describe products in a different language.

From our vast network, we are able to meet most of our customer’s needs and requirements with our well-regarded and professional customer service.

Export or import

We will take care and handle the entire import or export process for you. From the point your order is generated to it's completion, we provide the best service to generate a piece of mind that every factor of the process is handled carefully. We'll organised freight, prepare all documentation, and get your products straight to your nominated location!

Our Main Specialty are Confectionery and Snack Products

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